Izmirlian Foundation sums up key results of 2022 programs

Achieved Key Results of the Program of Izmirlian Foundation in 2022

  • January 08, 2023
  • IF Press
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The strategic objective of the Izmirlian Foundation is to enhance sustainable development of Armenia by implementing diverse initiatives in the areas of education, healthcare, economic development, social welfare, humanitarian aid, innovation, preservation of Armenian cultural heritage, to achieve its mission of “helping to preserve a nation”.

Numerous short and long-term benefits are extended to beneficiaries through projects implemented by the Izmirlian Foundation. These include improved health, knowledge and skills, improved school infrastructure and learning environment, access to quality education, support to vulnerable population and children with special needs, agriculture development, support to start-ups in tourism sector and more.

In total, several hundreds of thousands of persons in need have directly benefited from the projects implemented by the Izmirlian Foundation since launching its operations in Armenia. In 2022 alone, 41,222 persons directly benefitted (around 166,912 indirect beneficiaries) from 17 IF projects implemented in the regions of Armenia and Artsakh - that is around 203% percent more than planned. The key results and achievements of IF financed projects for 2022 in education, health, social welfare, and other areas include the following:

Health Sector

In total, 20,779 vulnerable people from Armenia and Artsakh received free-of-charge health care services within the projects funded by Izmirlian Foundation.

The Izmirlian Foundation provided health benefits to 40 Syrian/Lebanese/Iraqi Armenians who refuged in Armenia as a consequence of crisis in their respective        countries. 

During the Artsakh conflict 102 wounded soldiers and officers received free health care services.

In addition, 9,992 displaced people from Artsakh received free health care services in cooperation with UN International Organization for Migration.

Three children diagnosed with cancer from vulnerable families received appropriate treatment.

10,642 immunocompromised patients with hematological and oncological malignancies and patients with MDS benefited from quality diagnostic services through the technically enhanced laboratory at the Hematology Center after Prof. R.H. Yeolyan. 

Education & Innovation

Improved education among 649 schoolers of bordering and remote communities of Armenia and Artsakh through educational projects in partnership with Teach for Armenia. Six teacher-leaders supported. 

Access to education and improved learning environment enabled for around 325 children in Artsakh by supporting the construction/rehabilitation and furnishing of social infrastructure in partnership with the Governments of Artsakh.  

Improved access to information, communication, and research infrastructure for 15,500 students of Armenia and Artsakh through the rehabilitation and furnishing of university library infrastructure. 

The Izmirlian Foundation supported 5 start-ups in the sector of tourism through fellowship opportunities.

Social welfare

Over 827 children with special needs and disabilities benefitted from different small-grant initiatives of IF, enabling their access to assistive and adaptive furniture and devices, enhancing greater economic opportunities among autistic children and their social inclusion, improved life skills among orphanage graduates, etc.