Izmirlian Medical Center

Hospital in Yerevan Izmirlian Medical Center
Hospital in Yerevan
On October 15, 2013, the Izmirlian Medical Center was officially opened in Yerevan. This is one of the largest philanthropic investment programs in the healthcare sector in Armenia, which has become a reality through the initiative of the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin and the immense donation provided by the Izmirlian Foundation and Louise Simon Manoogian.

The institution includes a large modern hospital with 140 beds including 9 major departments as well as the St. Nerses the Great Scientific Education Center, which will coordinate the corresponding programs of the Izmirlian Medical Center with educational and scientific institutions, including the M. Heratsi Medical State University and the National Institute of Health.

There are currently around 200 staff members working at the Izmirlian Medical Center including 43 leading physicians, 65 nurses, 8 assistants as well as other service and administrative officers. The director of the Center is Professor Armen Muradyan, who holds a PhD in medical sciences.

The Izmirlian Medical Center aims to provide quality medical services for its patients using modern technology in a way that is affordable and accessible to the largest number of people possible. The Center currently conducts bloodless laser surgery which is unmatched both in Armenia and in the region. Patients receiving a prostate operation are discharged just 24 hours after surgery.

The main areas of the Izmirlian Medical Center are proctology, urology (particularly prostate surgery, lithotripsy and so on) orthopedics and sports traumatology, general and laparoscopic surgery, otorhinolaryngology. After sustaining injuries, major Armenian sportsmen, including world champions, do not just receive treatment here - they are prepared for a return to the global sports arena.

The total budget for the creation of the Izmirlian Medical Center was around US$ 12 million, a major part of which was provided by the Izmirlian Foundation. The other part was allocated by Louise Simon Manoogian, through the Armenian General Benevolent Union. Significant resources and support were also provided by the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. In addition to this, other donors have also provided various kinds of support and donations to the Izmirlian Medical Center.

The Izmirlian Medical Center was created on the basis of the Scientific Research Institute of Proctology, which after its privatization,was donated by the Armenian General Benevolent Union in to the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.

The Izmirlian Medical Center has three main pillars adopted by the World Health Organization in its policy – the affordability of medical services, their accessibility and quality. Through the dioceses of the Holy Apostolic Church of Armenia, the doctors of the Izmirlian Medical Center organize monthly visits to special groups and socially vulnerable patients in the regions, villages and towns of Armenia, providing free out-patient diagnostic services and consultations. Similar services are organized once a week in Yerevan.